These Conditions of Sale are for the purchase of products made remotely via computer network at DANIELEPASINI.COM, belonging to Daniel Pasini company with registered office at Via Minghelli, 10 41058 Vignola (MODENA) - ITALY-

The General Conditions shall apply only to users who are "consumers". "Consumer" means a natural person acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession. The Pasini Daniele reserves the right not to fulfill purchase orders from persons not in the category of "consumers" and, in any case, the purchase orders that do not comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

Each purchase transaction will be governed by the provisions of DL n. 185/99 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, will be submitted to the rules of Law 675/96.

The company Pasini Daniele may change at any time and without notice, the contents of the General Conditions set out in this document: these changes will take effect from the date of publication on the Site.

1. Purchases of products, available as are illustrated and described online in detailed data sheets, is made by the customer at the price indicated, if required plus any shipping charges. The customer has to register with the site to buy.

2. The visual representation of the products on the website, where available, corresponds to the photographic image of the products and has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale, without any guarantee or commitment on the part of Daniel Pasini, about the exact correspondence of 'image portrayed on the website with the actual product (with particular reference to the actual size and / or color aspects of the products).

3. The range of products on the site reflect the actual availability of the same. However there is the remote possibility that when the order some items may no longer be available or for sale. Nell 'in case the order can not be processed as requested by the customer, the seller will promptly by mail to notify the same, and the order will be considered canceled. If payment has already been made, we will in the necessary time (about 10 days) to make the refund of the amount paid.

4. All prices are inclusive of VAT. The shipping costs are shown together with the other costs related to the purchase at the end of the procedure for filling the order, prior to confirmation. They do not include any other fees, taxes or duties arranged by the relevant laws applicable in the case of import. In this case the customer will be required to clear the goods by paying duties and taxes (other than VAT) which may be payable in the country of import.

5. Prices and availability of products shown on the Site are subject to change at any time and without notice, provided that, subject to the maximum current orders acceptance or already accepted by Daniele Pasini, will apply the terms of sale in force at the time sending the order by the Customer.

6. Payment will be made by the customer at time of order with all major credit cards and prepaid cards only through Pay Pal.

7. Delivery is by courier at the following times:

Italy: 2/3 working days

Europe: 4/5 days. working

Countries outside the EU: 7/8 days. working

The products ordered will be sent to the delivery address you specify in the order form. Deliveries will be made by the courier from Monday to Friday, during normal business hours, excluding national holidays. There is no delivery on the ground. In case of non-delivery to the absence of the recipient at the specified address, the courier will leave a card to certify the delivery attempt (cd notice of passage). On the card will be shown the phone number that the user will have to contact to request that the courier make a second delivery attempt. After two delivery attempts fruitless, the parcel will be "in stock". The Customer Service will contact the user in order to unlock the stock and make sure that the package is delivered to him as soon as possible. In the event that the attempt delivery next to the contact Customer Service to go blank or if the user does not respond, the parcel will be returned to the user Pasini Daniele will be notified of that fact by e-mail. You acknowledge that, within (30) days from when the parcel is returned to you, the contract will be terminated and the purchase order canceled pursuant to art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code. Terminated the contract, the Pasini Daniele will reimburse the total amount paid by you, less the costs of delivery of the product is not successful, as well as the costs of storage. The termination of the contract and the amount of the reimbursement will be communicated to you via e-mail. The refund amount will be credited to the middle or the payment solution used / a user to purchase. In the event that, before the expiration of the thirty days, the user requesting to resend the product purchased The Pasini Daniele proceed to new delivery, after charge, the costs incurred by Daniele Pasini for the return.

8. Daniel Pasini not responsible for disruptions caused by force majeure, such as accidents, theft, explosion, fire, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other events that could prevent, in whole and / or in part to implement in the time contractually agreed. The Pasini Daniele is not in any way responsible for the information, data and any technical inaccuracies or other nature that may be contained in this site.

The Pasini Daniele disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect of whatever nature or whatever form they occur, resulting from the use of this site and / or the news, photos and information contained therein. The Pasini Daniele assumes no responsibility on the information acquired by individual producers or distributors. The Pasini Daniele will not be liable to any party for any damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure to execute the contract for the causes mentioned above.

9. Daniel Pasini, guarantees the confidentiality of personal information of the customer and the full respect of the obligations under the law n.675 / 96 and the Decree. 171/98. Under Article. 10 of Law no. 675/96, we inform you that the personal data by the customer will be used exclusively for purposes related to the execution of the contract.